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Saturday, September 4, 2010

NSFW** Goin in-Joe Mcporno

Goin in-lil wayne & Joe Mcporno
For Promo Use Only

JM likes "goin in" beat with lil weezy hook so he wanted to "go in" also

Cumming Soon:
First Team Fresh Men presents
The Joe Mcporno MixXxTape


"J.M. aka Joe Mcporno aka P.O.P. (Prince Of Porn) is one half of First Team Fresh Men (J.M. & Johnny Thumbz). Thumbz comes with the beats and J.M. is concept driven. They are on that club tip. First Team Fresh Men is a club dance project that Dj Grapla and John Henry formed to go against themselves. They are here to have a good time, it just so happens they brought beats and have 2 mics."

eAstA cAli crew

eAstA cAli crew
3 djs + 1 producer

Effin' Sumbodies

Effin' Sumbodies
Eff' around & get your face deleted!