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Friday, January 20, 2012

JAN 21 Saturday HIP HOP w/ Tucson Crews/groups

Monday, January 16, 2012

OX sighting downtown & gets shook!.

Yes I wanted to Square UP & I wanted to take it out to the back, like I use to do.

Merry ox knew that I would of destroyed his bully street cred and I would get my ground & pound on. Knowing that made it less likely for merry ox to go outside of the club and settle it one-on-one(drama free).
Instead he wanted to cause a scene knowing that by the time he got to where i was at (20 feet away) his friends and people around would be there to break it up (cause he didnt want to get beat) making him look like the bad ass on some WWF type of act. By the time he got to me he had like 2-3 people hold him back. I was laughing yet if he came any closer he was in for a night with the sandman. OX IS A PHONEY. I stood there calm, ready, to throw a haymaker and I wanted to K.O. the bastard-like 35 year old Bitchmade oX. Believe me I wanted to knock his ass out like I almost did a few years ago on tour.

On top of that he stepped through a water pound and got his fake jordans wet when he could of just step 2 feet to the right avoid that dirty pound water. hahahahha!! WHAT A MORON. We laughed all night about it. It was the on going topic! "Dude step through the water to try to get to you" WTF stupid stupid

Also Scared Marcus Willlaims Bitch OX was yelling and being loud trying to make himself look hard but instead he was making himself look a fool & embarrassing himself at the club. That Ox Fool wanted attention, kinda like a girl- myspace whore, or cam gal/picture girl. CryBaby Ox didnt want to square up.

Real mother fawkers would of silently came up so noone would know they were fighting but this dude wanted attention so that he can look like he was going to fight & let it get broken up so I didnt beat his ass. merry ox disrespected his cool friends, a great venue, the promoter, the night, the dope djs playing, & made himself look like an idiot infront of hundreds that were in attendance. dude is hella fake. + dont buy into his lies. let him suffer. -Grap

Here was another encounter on st pat's day http://grapla.blogspot.com/2011/10/marcus-meridox-marcus-j-williams-big-ox.html

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