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Friday, November 28, 2014


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a sample of my RedBull 3 style DJ submission for 2015

this is a sample of my RedBull 3 style DJ submission for 2015 due Nov 22. if you dont like me, deal with it... If you like me then like my page! www.facebook.com/Grapla www.djgrapla.com


Sunday, November 16, 2014


“Every no gets me closer to a yes.”- Mark Cuban

Friday Nov 7 2014 Phx Az

"Don't worry about havin to turn down at last call on Friday and Saturday nights, come to U-Turn's place just minutes from downtown Phoenix!!!! U-Turn, Drum Dropz and the boys from OhmGrown Sounds are excited to announce a great collaboration of hard work and proper efforts to provide a place where everyone can go to regroup with friends or make new ones after your weekend festivities. Every weekend there will be different locals expressing their talents through music and visual arts, lineups and guest appearances will be announced and updated throughout the week! This weeks FIRST FRIDAYS EDITION of After Hours Re:loaded Features , a very special guest set by DJ GRAPLA - TUCSON expect to hear real Hip hop party rocking, & killer cuts DANJAONE & KILLAH-RANKS going in on a back to back session. No telling where the bpms will land. More Talent TBC. 18+ to step, 21+ to stumble, I.D.s required People who express belligerence or out of control behavior will be removed from the Afterhours."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Truth about B Lounge in Farminton New Mexico

this is what happened to me (DJ Grapla):
I DJ-ed there (one Saturday a month for 3 years) (2011-2014) when it was top notch. Dalia + Young used to run it, when it was 5 star club and for the People. It had a great vibe and the people were very fun to party with. The staff, bartenders, bouncers, & door girls were all very good. I as an Award winning DJ had the creative choice to play what ever I wanted as long as I stuck to the vibe of the night and people were having a great time. It wasnt about making money. It was all about having a great time. Now that it is going strong, the Best Value Inn Hotel Owner, Mr. Hong took over because he saw that they (Dalia + Young) built it up and were beginning to make profit.
Last time I DJ-ed there (Oct 31, 2014) My last show, Mrs Hong was over my shoulder telling me what music to play. I am a professional DJ. I do this for a living. Its not like I tell him how to run his hotel. I would never in a million years do that. I want his business to do good and succeed. I'm not there to sabotage, I am an asset & love to see people have a great time by entertaining them. Everybody Wins
Anyways the new management, the hotel owner Mr Hong, told me and I quote:
"For the last 30 mins play nothing but Techno, so that people will leave" -Mr Hong
What kind of Owner kills his own business like that!? Why would you want people to pay the entry fee, buy drinks and then make them leave early? On top of that I am the DJ playing the music so that the blame goes on me???? The last hour is when the DJ turns it up and people have fun. I told him NO!
At the end of the night after I made him money and rocked the venue, leaving people happy and ready to come back next week. Mr. Hong didnt want to book me because I did not obey his command of playing not so good music so people would leave early. POWER TRIP EGO DRIVEN OWNER = Mr. Hong = Only wants your money and to profit off the very same people that want to have a good time.
The club is not the same anymore & under new management. Its not for the people, vibe, atmosphere, and the music scene. It is about making money for this Greedy Mr. Hong. Now that the club is doing good off of Dalia + Young's years of hard work, this Mr Hong Hotel Owner wants to ruin the scene and make profit off of people. Very Bad for Business. Dont waste your money on going in paying a door fee and buying drinks and put money into that greedy man's pockets. -Grap (djgrapla.com)


eAstA cAli crew

eAstA cAli crew
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Effin' Sumbodies
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