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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marcus Meridox Marcus J. WIlliams Big OX Block Bully is a SWAGGOT!

aka MERRY OX wack old man rapper, (maybe get him some buzz of off this but I will quickly buzz kill it) like to spread rumors about me and make up lies about me.

To the local scene DONT BELIEVE THE LIES HE SAYS ABOUT ME. I confronted him on ST Pats day about the rumors he been spreading and pretty much punked him in front of the hub with 30 people there and he run away. He is scared of me. Dont Trust That Guy.

Left is FB page comment that most likely got deleted by Cry Baby Ox.

Yes, its to that point where these rumors need to stop.

Text me if you see him

I have NO beef with any of his friends, collabs, crew, or affiliation, just him and himself only.

For those of you that know me, im good peeps and you know im real and dont got to lie about stuff. Thanx to all my peeps for the support, and I have LOVE for you all.

Know the person history and their up bringing before you talk bad about them.

Its not a matter of if one can kick some butt its all about what way and fashion to do it in.

STYLE: In public for the world to see.


Your friendly Neighborhood Battle DJ, ~DJ Grapla

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