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Monday, September 10, 2012

TGIF weekly canned

As most of you know. I left DT Tucson Vaudeville on Congress back in June. I was running that spot doing most of the bookings and also had my TGIF Friday night. The Owners and family-in worker(s) were just lazy, had no clue about anything, rude, and were not on top of their business along with not caring about the music scene as much as me. I was doing all the contact,booking,setting up work while they sit there and profited. Whats positive about this bad situation is learning the business ins and outs and what to do and what not to do. This made me a better person/DJ/Artist and outstanding business entity.

Hey Party People, just for the record, I dont do TGIF (Fridays) at Vaudeville downtown Tucson, Az anymore. I stopped in June To have a Night named after me was so dope and I loved it but they took advantage of me. I lost shows because I had to be there on my weekely night and lost hundreds even thoasands of dollars. It was fun while it lasted we both parted ways and I moved on to bigger and better things and didnt like the way things were heading. I was being mislead & ended up running the whole spot not just being a dj and not getting the right amount of pay. Too many errors and non business practices when I was there and so many people complaining. First and foremost I DJ for the love and nothing else. I paid my dues I dont need to be promoting other peoples shows and making posters and doing the labor like when i first started. I do it for the love but you cant take advantage of me because of that. God Bless- Grap

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